Visiting Cuba and enjoy a tasty cup of sugarcane juice

In addition to Cuba being a mango paradise of the Americas, wherever you go, you can see the rich mango fields and ripe mango trees everywhere, and Cuba is most famous for sugarcane industry. It is easy to see how the sugarcane field along the highway runs from North to South Cuba.

In Trinidad, the main industry is tobacco processing. However, sugarcane is a specialty that tourists want to try when visiting the village by riding in Trinidad.
Unexpectedly, we were able to see firsthand the press of sugarcane juice by old technology. Two Cuban farmers are healthy and need to press sugarcane easily, at first glance it does not seem difficult to pull the machine, but in fact it is extremely heavy. After crushing sugarcane, as well as in Vietnam I give a few slices of lemon or pinch, so here too, they give some lemon slices and squeeze together. We drink cool and sweet sugarcane extremely without drinking with ice (also hard to find in Cuba because of electricity).

Being able to taste Cuban sugarcane juice is a great experience because the taste of sugarcane juice is sweet and tastelessly sweet. And perhaps this is the best cup of sugarcane I’ve ever tasted. Guests who come to the sugarcane shop in the middle of this field also have to fight to wait in line to drink. The price of a glass of sugarcane is 2 CUC (equivalent to 2 Euro), of course, compared to Europe, this price is not expensive but compared to Asian countries or like Vietnam, this price is really unbelievable. As mentioned, tourism is one of Cuba’s biggest foreign exchange earners, so the price for tourists like that is not surprising.

After drinking sugarcane juice, we decided to visit the sugarcane garden, cross mango trees flooded with yellow fruits, before our eyes is a sugarcane, though not large, but it is the most characteristic sugarcane of Cuba. Sugarcane is very long and water is high although the stem is not as big as purple sugarcane. This sugarcane field is grown to serve the sale of sugarcane juice to visitors at the bar we have just drunk. So we have enjoyed sugarcane taken from the sugarcane field next to it, fresh and fragrant …

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