Thailand (part 5) – Experience the bustle of Bangkok

Mochit Bus Station is opposite the Chatuchak weekend market, the famous market is crowded with a variety of products from “upper gold” to “lowering bran”, one of the shopping paradises of touristers and the civils…

From the bus station, after a while of asking, searching, and following other passengers, I also got out, climbing up a free bus to the city center.

Buses in Bangkok are very interesting. Whenever you want to go down, the passenger will click the button next to the window, or near the door up and down. A “te” sound is heard and the driver stops them, no need to tell the driver. I don’t understand what it is, just open the HereMaps map on the phone and watch the Khao San area down.

I first went to Bangkok, so I was a little nervous, I didn’t know what the face of the Thai capital looked like. Vehicles entering central Bangkok are right now when people start to go to school and work. The capital is dense. Traffic is also quite chaotic. Vehicles from cars to motorbikes, tuk tuk … all run fast. The city is too overcrowded, most old, so it feels mixed and noisy. I occasionally look at the map, but since I don’t know if the car is going into the correct area in Khao San, I haven’t rushed down yet. After a while looking back, seeing that the car had passed and approached the palace, I went down when the car stopped and followed the other passengers.

I bumped my backpack into a nearby park, ate pastries (from Bangkok’s Chiang Mai – last night), drank water, rested for a while, and then asked to walk back to Khao San. As I passed another park, I noticed a lot of homeless people wandering and sleeping all over the sidewalks, the park’s lawn, ignoring the cars and people crowded up and down in one session. Tuesday morning of the week …

Arriving at Khao San Road, Bangkok’s “West Quarter”, where many tourist services are available for dusty travelers all over the world, I rush into an alley to find motels. Khao San is the main street of the “West Quarter”, the short road, and the “West Quarter” will include the surrounding roads that gather together.

I have chosen a Hostel near the end of the alley, called a lodge but Kawin Place has a very large reception hall, this hostel has many, many rules, such as: not to lead guests in the room, do not give Wifi password to other people, etc. Room rate list requires payment in advance and there is an additional deposit of 600 Baht for keys and towels, when check-out will be taken back, do not need to hold a passport.

I choose the cheapest room: the 200 Baht fan room, the bathroom has the same shared area outside, relatively clean and empty. Although I did not expect to rent a cheap room in the center of this capital, this was the cheapest room I had ever been on the trip. Anyway, just staying there for one night, going out to sleep, so the small room is fine.

After checking in, bathing and dressing, I put my bag on the street. I chose in Khao San area (which is not Chinese town near Hua Lamphong train station, convenient to the airport) is also because the center, near the attractions. Since it is reasonable to stay in a central area for a night, it will save travel costs, and see an overview of a tourist’s face. Besides, I am also interested in the “West Quarter”, where souvenir shops, hotels, catering services … are concentrated. The place where you can enjoy the view of the airy and lively atmosphere, there are interesting and interesting street photos.

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