Thailand (part 4): From Pai to Chiang Mai – follow the yellow trace of Osaka flower

Never traveling abroad has become as easy as it is now. In particular, the hospitable Thai country is just two hours away from Ho Chi Minh City, a familiar place for those who want to “see the world” for the first time.

As the name of “the country of smiles”, and the way of professional and friendly tourism, Thailand is increasingly attracting many tourists from Vietnam. In this country most Buddhist followers, you have many options to suit your travel needs, from pure sightseeing, shopping, to entertainment services, spiritual tourism …

And no matter which form of tourism you choose, you will surely feel the unique and diverse culture of the land of this Golden Temple. A week in Thailand is enough for you to be attracted by different emotions, enough for you to experience from funky to peaceful and peaceful …

Although saying that there are only 24 hours of experience, but every moment that passes in this small and so peaceful mountain town, I have deep memories and feelings.

Because perhaps, I let my indeterminate footsteps, without purpose, not rushing, but just walking, watching, and slowly feeling.

And also because of that, I see that the day passed slowly in Pai, enough to love, to see, to remember, and to understand a little about the life in the town near the border with Myanmar.

I took the bus back to Chiang Mai at 4pm, and from there I would buy a ticket back to Bangkok at night. Well, forgot to tell you that yesterday, when I arrived at Pai bus station (bus terminal), I immediately bought a ticket back to Chiang Mai.

Too hungry, but what to eat in Chiang Mai. I kept wandering through the small streets. Go through a few small stalls, where men wrap their towels on their heads like Muslims frying chicken thighs on a large oil pan. There are a few rows of food that are served with noodles, noodles, or breakfast, but I look over just salty things. I tried to visit such a shop, asked if I could sell vegetarian food, did I know where to sell vegetarian food? Then there was a guest who answered, there is no place here; then he added, do you know if the police station is nearby, there is a shop that sells vegetarian food? I nodded and understood, but only, lazy to go there too, came to a big place to sell breakfast and luckily, this place sold fried tofu with vegetables. Be vegetarian.

On this road is a combination of contrasting images. Somewhere still a nice restaurant, or resort, which is very beautiful and very rustic but “mixed with”, mixed with simple houses, sometimes come across rickety grocery shops like in the village. Vietnamese countryside. Tourists may have woken up early for sunrise tours, so the whole street only has scenes of local people.

And it is great, the yellow flower color of the royal bird nest (Osaka flower) at that time was in brilliant. The national flower of the Thai people!

According to documents on the Internet, Thai people call this flower Ratchaphruek. They considered the yellow color of this flower as the color of Buddhism and glory. The ratchaphruek flower also symbolizes Thai unity and harmony.

If I do not take a hard walk, far away from the sprawling places and famous sights, I will not see such a simple Pai …

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