Colours of Asean – Thailand (part 3): The simplicity comes from homestays

Pai County’s bus station is extremely small, only accommodating a few minivans. I walked to the gate, looked left and right and followed the spirituality and chose the left side to go (thankfully, it was the side going to the night market, the bustling center of Pai).

What was the first feeling Pai brought about? It felt like in a mountain town, like Sa Pa of Vietnam, like Luang Prabang of Laos, but smaller. Small roads, both sides displayed shops, souvenirs. Please be early so visitors have not rushed to the street. Therefore, Pai feels peaceful in the hidden excitement, waiting for a few more hours, when night falls, will burst.

In my head, I quickly calculated that I had to find a place to live first, then I wanted to calculate what I wanted. But in a place that attracts visitors like this, it is better to keep the small alleyways going in, hoping to have a cheap motel.

Thinking that, I turned into an alley on the right hand side, right at the top of the alley was Pai district people’s court.

As I walked a few steps into the alley, a boarding board with a price of 250-300 Baht (my budget) hit my eyes, so I took a big turn.

The owner of the hostel is an elderly Thai woman with a medium physique and a gentle face. Her English is not good, but early communication is okay. However, she seems to enjoy talking to visitors, when asking me a lot of things, from where to go, where to travel, airfare from Vietnam to Thailand about …

After looking through the room, I felt like I should take it. Just fill in your name, the number of nights in the “check-in” booklet of the motel, give enough money, the landlord hands over the key and gives the Wifi password.

In general, I have an occupational disease, so every time I travel, I find it good to go anywhere, so I can take photos to make it back to share it with the needy. I thought, whoever came to Pai short and didn’t know where to go should be in Abodaya, quite well. Garden-style guesthouse with wooden tiles, decorated with small and beautiful objects, small but airy and cozy space. The location is very close to the bus station and the night market, in the center of Pai, but the price is only about 250 Baht (about VND 160,000) / night / single room.

What I can’t see here is to check out at 11:00, and there is no hot water to bathe (especially at nighttime, it is easy to get cold in the North of Thailand).

After showering, changing, I took each camera out for a walk. Indeed, I had a connection with Pai, and also had a mistake with Pai. Because I criticized her, but then when I met her, I knew, I was like other normal people, raising a common love, growing bigger and bigger.

Pai made me fall in love the first time I met. Then gradually, love the small street corners, signs, decorations, … Love from the natural, familiar, to the deliberate arrangements of human hands …

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