Colours of Asean – Thailand (part 2): Experience the Pad Thai

And this is a vegetarian pad Thai , consisting of rice noodles, bean sprouts, tofu, served with slices of lemon, sugar pack and paprika. Unfortunately this place makes both sweet and oily, generally not my taste. Price also seems expensive: 50 Baht.

Pad Thai is considered Thailand’s “national soul” dish, but according to an article on, this dish originated from China, following Chinese immigrants to Thailand around 250 years ago. Because Thai pad is made of ingredients: tofu, noodle cake, dried shrimp …, among them there is no characteristic of Thai people, even the processing way is not. However, what makes this dish so Thai is in sauces and fish sauce.

After lunch, I went to change and check out and take my backpack to Aviabooking office, where I bought a ticket to Mae Hong Son city yesterday. I was going to ask if I could change my ticket earlier, because I don’t know what to do until 9:30 pm now.

But when he handed the ticket to him to sell the ticket, he looked and said he couldn’t change it. I asked again, why can’t I change it, I can change it on the ticket and change it. He just said, this ticket is over, can’t be changed.

At this time, I had a fire, looked closely at the ticket before I discovered it, I bought the wrong flight at 9:30 am. The feeling of aggravation and aggravation is so hard.

With a more courteous attitude, I asked him to sell the tickets, even if there were any tickets to Mae Hong Son, the bad news would fly again, the tickets for Mae Hong Son were gone today.

Which means, if I want to go to Mae Hong Son, the place I really want to see, I want to stay in Chiang Mai for another night. That way, the schedule will change, while the time in Thailand is only 6 days.

Also, I was bored with Chiang Mai, wanting to leave this place, to another exciting new place. While those thoughts were in my mind, I went to the bench to sit on the opposite side of Aviabooking office. After thinking for a while, I quickly returned to the ticket office, asked earnestly, if the ticket to Pai was still there.

Why is Pai? I have avoided the place where so many people say is pretty, cute, and lovely. The way that, people go, people praise, I don’t have to rush into. But in the end, it turned out to be charming with Pai. It is true that in this story, the word “charm” must be used.

By luck, he sold the security ticket, the next trip will depart at 12:30, meaning in 5 minutes. I issued the ticket and told me to hurry up, the small 16-seat car was waiting in front of the office.

I frantically ran to the car, asked the seat and climbed up. Quickly take the anti-motion sickness pill, while the mind wanders wondering, what the hell will I do in Pai? Since I wasn’t in the plan, I didn’t find any information about Pai. Just remember a few details in the distant travel articles that you have read. It is frustrating!

The car was close enough, all Western guests. The bench I sit in the last row is just me. After a while, another Western brother looked up and sat next to him. And the car quickly ran.

When I was happy, I was able to chat with this guy. But right now, she is bored and bored, so just let me turn around, just look out the window, look at the street, take pictures, and fall asleep. Hope not to get sick!

Cars in Thailand run very fast. I also like cars that run fast, though unsafe, but run fast to get rid of fatigue and from feeling sick.

Pai is a small town in Mae Hong Son province, northern Thailand, near the Myanmar border. The distance from Chiang Mai to Pai is only about 146 km, but the North Thai road is zigzag, there are many steep hills, and especially it takes 762 bends in a row, so it takes up to 4 hours in a 16-seater car new place.

Many tourists like speed, enjoy sightseeing, or have plenty of time to choose to rent a motorbike to Pai from Chiang Mai so that I can experience this 762 curve myself. The feeling would be extremely exciting!

In addition, Thai people know how to make travel from simple things. They put this impressive 762 number into memorabilia, printed on T-shirts … to sell to tourists as a souvenir.

It rains and rains, starting from the station, is the horrifying road of the sharp bends to the face. Fortunately, my health is good, but the yellow honey bile has been following for a long time.

The road is very good and the scene is, of course, extremely beautiful. Any cloud is floating … The distant mountains are dyed with red and orange colors in a majestic way …

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