Colours of Asean – Thailand (part 1)

Wat Ched Yod (aka Wat Chet Yot, Wat Jet Yot, in which “wat” means a pagoda) is a temple that is completely out of my intention to visit, but I happened to see through the instructions board looking on the road, and also because of convenience, I decided to visit here.

“Lanna” is the name of the old Chiang Mai, meaning “million million rice fields”, referring to the prosperity of this region. So this area has more than 300 temples, each of which looks and looks unique. If you say that you haven’t gone to Chiang Mai as yet to go to Thailand, haven’t come to Doi Suthep temple yet, but you haven’t come to Chiang Mai yet, but what about other temples?

As a tourist with only a few days staying in the land of Golden Temple, but having to find out information, select the temples as typical of the old Lanna land to visit, is it not? Is it taking a lot of time? So, for me, going and coming will come and will know where to go next.

And this Ched Yod temple is truly a grace, by chance. Wat Ched Yod is an ancient temple built in 1477 on a large campus. In it, there were many ancient chedi (stupas) built of bricks, with reliefs, motifs … similar to the temples and temples I saw in the Ayutthaya historical park.

It is known that Wat Ched Yod meticulously described the Buddha’s appearance for every day of the week from Monday to Sunday. Around the temple there are many ancient trees that have been blessed by monks, saying that they all have souls.

Although this is an ancient temple, located near the central area of ​​Chiang Mai, Wat Ched Yod is quite absent from visitors. So, I just take a walk around the yard, and stop wherever I want to look, want to take pictures.

On the way back to the car, I stopped at the gas station to return the gas at the request of his car rental.

I don’t know how much to pour in the morning, I keep counting from Vietnamese money, so I call my brother at a gas station for 40 Baht. The younger brother came out with a gas nozzle, and did not fall over and asked what kind of gas I got, A92 gasoline or A95. I silly, then answered, I don’t know, what kind of car do I consider this car often dumped? So the boy chooses.

Never mind, it’s not my car. Just jokingly, I know that A95 petrol is better than A92 gasoline, making it less hot for cars, especially for road drivers. And of course, it will be more expensive. But I also know that, in Vietnam, normal cars or vehicles use A92 gasoline. So if the other boy spills any kind of gas, it’s fine. I just don’t know how to use the gasoline of Thai people.

After refueling, I looked back and saw that the gas needle was only full. At the time of renting a car, the needle of the gas is only half. You said that, my brother, moreover, it is nearly 11g now.

Returning to the motel, returning the car, I asked to borrow the menu of the restaurant and ordered a Thai vegetarian pad. This is a stir-fried noodle dish which is considered the “national spirit of the country” of the land of Golden Temple, so I have to try it.

I will return to the next section of this article after the Pad Thai experience

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