Low cost Oslo: does it exist?

I had never gone to Scandinavia and the main reason was always the same: costs. I always lay. But Scandinavia deserves it, and the temptation to try and live a weekend at low cost has made it feel, even though I’m not very convinced that it has succeeded …
Vigeland Park
Up to here is simple. Low cost company, there are several that go to Oslo. In my case, I had booked in advance, but it was unnecessary to tell stories: as far as the flight cost to 150 euro’s a / r, between a bus to Orio al Serio and another when arriving in Oslo, the round trip cost about 200 euro’s.
The problem is how many nights you do. All in all at least 2/3 nights are going there specially … So even though I had found a great accommodation that did not cost more than 35 euro’s per night per night, overnight 3 we are at 100 euro’s that should be added. (In my case I had slept in a very good place, the Comfort Hotel, thanks to a mega bid, but the place I think costs a bit ‘usually).
Low Cost? I have not started yet and have already spent € 300 for 4 days? Here I am afraid that more than low cost will help keep the sight of the destination …
And you go. Flight Ryanair, arriving at the airport obviously late and (well known) I do not timely buy cigarettes. It reminds me that it would be better to take them to Italy, of course, but risk losing the plane so I’m leaving …
Oslo welcomes me with the sun, they are called fortunes.
Clean-up, order, and urban planning studied with due knowledge, the first impact reflects the common imagination. But at the same time the city of Oslo seems to me more welcoming than I thought. Maybe the sunny sky or the fact that summer days are 20 hours (the sun goes down at 23.30 in June, and the dark one does not even find it at midnight), it is that seems less set than I thought.
The story already says much about Oslo: once a mere fishing village, thanks to the discovery of oil the city has not only become very rich but is also the capital of one of the highest per capita income in Europe and He did not hear any public debt.
Tree-lined avenue, bike paths, perfectly preserved benches and parks. The green accompanies every corner of the city and the view is pleasing. As a good inhabitant of Milan I am always struck by the cities that allow me to see the sky, they presuppose wide spaces and here, the spaces are vastly wide.
What to see (first time in Oslo):
– Karl Johans Gate
The central street that connects Oslo Sentralstasjon to the Royal Palace and lays out some historic buildings such as the University, the Cathedral and the Parliament. A shopping street and town with many shops, bars and restaurants (here you do not even have to look, let’s sit and take something).
– Royal Palace
Royal residence built in the nineteenth century by Charles III of Norway. It is not comparable to the great artistic architectures of other capitals, but the change of the guard is picturesque. (I did not visit the interior, I rarely like the interior of the royal palaces so I avoided).
– Akershus Fortress
A 13th century castle overlooks the fjord and the panoramic view is the most beautiful part.
– Palace of the Nobel Peace Prize
With its red bricks
– The collections of Edvard Munch and the famous “Yell”
Munch’s Yell is at the Nasjonalgalleriet (National Museum – Universitetsgata, 13) and has other important paintings by international artists, from Degas to Goya or Picasso. Also for those who want to get a dive of Munch to visit also the Munchmuseet (Tøyengata, 53), a palace built in 1963 to collect all the works left by Edvard Munch to the city of Oslo.
MEA CULPA … and here I admit. I, despite being a lover of art history, despite having studied it for years, despite … In short, there was the sun. And I did not go to see “The Yell”. For the record: I’m still thinking of it every time I come to mind. Know this. A sun is not worth such a loss … But the fact is that I did not go.
What to “live” (I need to enjoy Oslo):
– Oslofjorden
This is the part I found most special of the capital: its fjords. Going to the port you can choose a hike, there are many with different prices, public and private boats. The cheapest fjord tour takes 2 hours (cost about 35 euro’s in 2011) and dives you on the shores of the capital.
– Bygdøy
One of the obligatory stages. Here are some popular museums such as the Kon-Tiki Museum, dedicated to the adventures of Thor Heyerdahl and the Museum of the Vikings. But the island also lends itself as a privileged beach destination thanks to its well-structured beaches, very popular in the summer.
– The parks
The Frognerparen is the largest and is considered a true holiday resort. But the real charm is Vigeland Park, an area inside the park that collects the works of Gustav Vigeland, known and loved Norwegian sculptor. It encloses the beauty of 192 sculptural groups with represented 671 characters: a young child, a couple of elders, women or men with different symbologies. Not only does the visual collection seem almost surreal in its perfection, but the bridge framed by 58 sculptures comes to “perfect” beauty levels. Vigeland’s Parade Perious symphony, those rare instances where art combines harmoniously with the environment surrounding. And then the life of this park is definitely active. Now, not to say, but it seemed to me to be over in an American TV show: whole groups of young people chatted sitting on the grass, many doing the other BBQ reading and then there were … Those young black-knitted Norfolk who played football or jumping confirmed the well-known reputation of the Scandinavian people … (That’s why I did not go to see Munch!) Oslo then confirms her reputation for local, little but safe beauties. Which also confirms it with regard to the cost! And here we go back to the base … But if in a country to go to the bathroom in a park I have to pay something like 10 crowns that correspond to one euro and go, how can I live in an economical way?
– Restaurants: impractical! For a simple appetizer dish, the expense was over € 30 per head!
– Fast food: I do not love them, but something I have to eat … And here too the cost is almost double compared to Italy.
– Stalls with fruit : I still do not know, but desperately bought the fruit and realized that I paid for a 3 euro banana.
– Cigarettes. Well … here I should put on a pitiful veil. The fault is just mine. I could have bought them in Italy. Sure. But do you know what the cost of international cigarettes in Oslo is? 13.45 euro’s. I spent two days trying to get enough of my cigarettes, and to give me the idiot.
– Pub: here, at least on beer there are no particular contraindications, the prices here have not doubled. Of course, it depends on the chosen premises, but the figure of a pint turned more or less on the Italian / Milan prices. (€ 6/8 on average).
And in the end I would conclude with a dry answer. No! Low cost Oslo does not exist! (Though it is always up to the organization and the will of the individual to create). I finally ended my 4 days with a € 600, which however I consider nothing other than low cost since it was spoken of 4 days … But if You have found some of the best ways not only for “hunger”, please let me know that Scandinavia is all to find out for me!

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