Take a fine in Serbia: what better to avoid

Balcani on the road
You know those classic cases that when you get to them and live them you do not enjoy them, but then when you come home and tell them, they make you laugh? Here it is. Only that precise … YES when you go home you laugh, because while you are there you think so many things, but to laugh you do not see anything at all.
My friend and I are now days running in that of Bosnia and Serbia and a few things that we understand are two basilicas.
1. In these two countries police controls are simply INFINITI!
There are numerous and frequent blocking places, and as soon as you distract one moment you know for sure that they will stop you for a statistical question.
2. There is still the automobile etiquette
There is extreme courtesy between motorists and usually those of the opposite lane always alert you when you have to prepare for the new lock station.
Saying, Serbia still had more blockages than Bosnia.
I recognize that respecting speed limits when driving on desert roads is not a simple affair, and given that I know what I did at times, however, and still go, I have to thank that when they stopped we were not at the limit of speed!
“Ah look like they did the headlights, we slow down that there is police so much to change.”
“Yes, I’ve seen, but I’m quiet.”
“MERDA, stop us!”
Let’s go down, two girls, tourists, and I liked that bad thing she never does!
I try to speak in English to find out immediately that the policeman and the policeman laugh, shaking their heads.
It seems to me that juice is: “No, we do not speak English,” but we’re going to make you the same. Indicate the OFF LIGHTS.
And caspita no, we had the headlights off.
NOW, other thing that we had learned WELCOME is that in the Western Balkans the car headlights should be turned on 24 hours a day. We knew it! Ok. But a moment of distraction can happen to all … Let’s figure it out to us!
I see. I contend. And I try to explain to him that we only forget a moment, which we know, but that (I wanted to tell him) we do not break the balls for two lights off that you do not speak a word of English and anyway we are in full day and we are Even tourists and we increase your GDP so you should treat us with courtesy!
And if the woman cops (usually in Italy – they say – are the worst, maybe in Serbia turns differently) would have closed an eye and would make us go further … POLICE NO (this one of the economy understands less than me).
He, a very good person for charity, decides that we must make a fine. Just how do you communicate it to us? FACT!
I open my eyes unbelieving how the policeman fought in trying to write and explain and speak an unknown language … But fortunately I just opened my eyes. The problem is my travel companion who instead wants more to talk …
And as the experience teaches … Here’s what I would avoid doing the next time I find myself finishing in Serbia.
1. Avoid telling the shit you do not have the money behind
The Serbian police in this case demanded immediate payment of the fine. We said the first thing that came to our minds for not having to pay: “We do not have Serbian money, but credit card, we have to pick up.”
They were holding us identity papers and those of the car!
2. Avoid saying that a few euro’s have found you, after you have said so much as in point 1 …
Considering the situation that was likely to take higher proportions (when I saw that the documents were kept confidential and the machine had a whitening time) with nonchalance “I found the euro”. (But come on, but who would have said it!).
They say with the same amount of nonchalance that if I do 300 meters and go to that restaurant at the bottom … I change the euro and give me local currency (But come on, but who would have said it!).
3. Avoid invading every two seconds in Italian, and check your friend if he does.
Classic to us Italians is to believe that NONE does not understand us around the world. It’s a classic, but wrong.
Italians are always everywhere, half world has Italian origins and if they have not studied the language, they have followed our soccer matches, insults are the first thing they understand.
But apart from this: shouting and insulting the cops will only lead to the risk of being arrested, both of them … (Experience of what if I could avoid I would say it’s just the same).
4. Avoid paying half fine to them and then having to pay the other half to the bank the next day
At that point that paying to pay, so much is to change all the money and pay it in full. But no! Since we had said and done it now and fake it, and it is worth it! Double bang. I could no longer say that I had all the necessary euro’s, I did not feel capable. The fine for light bulbs costs 30 euro’s, but to be in Serbia is still a respectful price. And although it may sound quite ambiguous, in fact, the policeman (the nice one, the one who has decided not to speak but still pay) writes a very long verbal and puts it all black on white, which implies that the fine was legal . The police did not do the wise (less bad), simply “the nice”. But this is another discourse. Avoid believing the legend of the block at the frontier! Now, half fine we paid it right away. I changed the 15 Euros that I had in my local coin, I gave them to the cops, I tried to keep my friend (as far as I could) to my friend if he wanted to eat them and I took the dotted written note sheet … IN CIRCLE! But I also knew from the nice cop that I still had to pay. Get in the city we ask the translation of the fine to know how to discharge our debt (which, of course, being tourists say … But when do they ever fish us and their absurd fine?) … But what is being said to me? “You have to go to the bank to pay the fine if you do not have problems at the frontier and they do not let you pass.” For once, I have to say, I did not believe it (or rather not entirely). Sorry, but not even in Italy have finite digitized fines, but do you think they can have it in Serbia? And then I do not remember any digitized access when we arrived. It seems to me a big ball here, “but in doubt as to you, what did I do? Fine paid in the morning before leaving for the frontier. Arriving at the frontier and finding that only I could have the doubt that they would really stop for one Unpaid fine … Ah, blessed naivety (um, ok maybe I should not call it naivety but I decided to be kind to myself). And if the fine has been resolved with ease, on the other hand … My friend and I there We found ourselves in the light of the “tick” of the headlights. We spent the rest of the journey to check that they had access to them compulsively … And if the experience teaches on the one hand, on the other, she still claims that if she stopped it again she would invade and With more firmness because it was not possible, and what he needed to say and that in short … Ah, bless women!

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