Maldives on a boat: who said it’s a dream trip?

Having the chance to travel is almost a miracle: it is not easy to find the right people to share experiences, have a job that allows you to take holiday and work all year long to pay the trip … and yet there are trips that when Back, you would have preferred to stay working.
New Year 2012, Maldives destination, 13 days.
I had never traveled to the sea so I was thrilled to live ten days on a boat, isolated from any form of life that was not my group.
All glittering, I put in my very spacious private bathroom cabinet and I am already dreaming about the moment I fall asleep cradled by the waves of the sea.
The following morning, at 5 o’clock, I wake up the screams of a travel companion shouting, “The manta! The manta! The manta! “. Obviously I’m catapulting from below to see the manta … Beautiful!
The second morning at 5 o’clock, I wake up the roar of the day’s traveling companion before she screams: “The manta! The manta! The manta! “. With a sleepy air, I get up and go to see the manta … beautiful. How much the previous morning.
The third morning, at 5 o’clock, again the screams of the usual, damned, travel companion of the day before he screams: “The manta! The manta! The manta! “.
I hear my voice echoing him: “I’m afraid you and the manta! I blame you and the manta! I blame you and the manta! ”
Aside from the “manta fan” alarm clock, the days run exactly the same way: wake up at 7am, breakfast, a sailing boat, a snorkel, lunch and a restart …
I’m not a sea resort expert, but I’m pretty sure the captain was kidding me: every day we went down to an atoll, the size of my living room, exactly the same as that of the previous day.
I had the impression that the captain drove the boat to different points, hoping the group did not realize that the only palm was the same.
And even if it had not been the same ground language, it takes 4 to 6 minutes to explore it in every detail, after which I pray that the boat will return as fast as possible because it risks an insolation … even if the hallucinations are hit Sunshine would have touched the day!
The routine was then broken by the proposal of half of the group to go looking for the whale shark: we spent 2 days exploring the area where we could see the whale shark. We did not have radar, so we tried to understand the movements of the other boats when they were thrown into the water.
At the third time, I chose to break the vision of this sacred monster of the abyss.
Only 2 out of 13 were able to see it. I survived without, but if I had a face to face, I would have asked him to put an end to my agony.
Here, I had started for this journey: serene, quiet, full of desire to do and with so many good intentions for the year that was beginning.
On the second day, I wanted to die.
Do you know what it means to not land other than 6 feet in length of a boat for 10 days?
Okay … I realize I chose a trip that does not fit for me and I decide to draw on the only two resources left: the company and the alcohol!
1 – The case however wanted the group to be composed ONLY by 3 couples of 50-year-old spouses who, rightly in the Maldives, acted as a pimps and a girl (I apologize in advance) who had left for a few days and had cry. So, believe me, so much.
2 – Okay, I’m getting alcohol.
Alcohol … alcohol … where the hell is alcohol?
There is not! The Maldives are a Muslim country so alcohol is not allowed.
The Maldivians get on the boats to drink the little they find smuggled because otherwise they are arrested.
Only once, I was unmovable with the captain, I took the girl by one arm, I was released in a resort and fired two mojito in ten minutes net.
It was the best time of vacation. But, next time, I stay home.

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