Listen to whales in Iceland at Husavik

Whale watching is a dream for so many, yet … it was not for me.
I had my father as soon as he could, trying to make me see a beautiful documentary about animals: from squirrels to hummingbirds, no one was excluded. Perhaps because of his passion, I, exhausted by his attempts to go from the TV to encyclopedias, eventually developed a real allergy to fauna, or rather a certain disinterest. But despite my personal faults, sighting the whales is an experience of which 2 words (or even 4) should be said.

Whale Watching – Husavik
We are in Iceland. For precision in northern Iceland. (Here is the itinerary on the Iceland full route).
This place is famous for sighting cetaceans, but I would like to add that there is not just this …
Here was also the Icelandic FALLOLOGIC museum, the penis museum.
276 penny (so wikipedia, I did not remember the exact number) of several animal species including a human specimen donated by an Icelandic to his death. I’m sorry, I did not personally come in, I preferred to turn around the town (I’ll be strange eh?), But my travel companion had pointed out her astonishment in front of the elephant’s penis (a few malevolences! She is biologist and really had observed with scientific interest. Here!).
The Fallologic Museum …
But let’s get back to the whales.
I usually rewrite each piece and modernize it, but in this case I would like to make an exception and faithfully portray the words I wrote while I was traveling. The hot words about my whale watching directly from my travel diary.
“There are several options for whale watching. We take a boat by paying € 47 per head for a 3 hour trip (costs date back to 2011).
We are provided with these blue and orange giant tutons to be worn for cold and sketching. We are definitely anti-sex all of us.
So much to change it is cloud, it’s cold and I admit that I’m afraid of aesthetics, it’s a good tuton.
The sea is rough.
Part the boat, and I INCREDULA realize that it seems to be on the roller coaster: you are bumped from side to side of the boat and only there concrete I have to stand 3 hours on that boat. ODDIOOOO.
People start vomiting at sea. Other than shape and pro forma, all attached to the railing, face out and away. The boat is a step up and down (I do not know what I mean, but it makes the concept even if it’s not Italian). At times I look down and see the waves of meters to which the boat goes, straight, without hesitation and I think, “My God, who did it to me? Here safe outlet. Fear of whales “(chronicle duty and original thoughts).
2 times I was there too, but I regret. I do not know how, but I regret.
We get to a point and stop, and here it is. The famous humpbacks that are really close to the point of splashing the water (almost) on it.
They are unique. Spectacular. Giants … But I do not even shoot the camera, my first thought is the stomach below and I even struggle to smile (the photos will give me the others).
The “victims” have come to count 7/10 throws. The people who have managed to stand are counted on two hands and the poor F. has started sailing yet.

As the sun came out and thanking the sky, the sea was flat. We begin to come back with all the other spirit and stomach that he soon finds his place. There is the sun now, and then she comes to the boat crew, accustomed to a lot more I believe … And what gives me a mocking smile (to me): milk and chocolate! But is it a candid room? ”
The gentle Icelandic girl who offers milk and chocolate to those who have stomachs underneath … (famous badge eh).
A cold comment I add: but what travel gum! We all had it. We had a box to head. Not only. There was someone who also had some bracelets needed for “balance, vibrations” and so many other beautiful words (who wore it lasted 30 minutes before returning) … Let’s say that with the sea moved, Chemistry has failed.
But I told you about my experience I wanted to share you with, right now, yes. Would recommend it!
But if you ask me if I do, I admit, only on a full sunny day.

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