Cabo de Gata Park: wilderness itinerary in Andalusia

Foreword … The first time I heard it was in the (far) … Well, I do not remember the year. But at least a dozen.
A folk talker is a familiar friend in Cadiz: “But how have you never heard of the Cabo de Gata Natural Park? It is an almost pristine place and there is the hippy beach in San José. ” And I just felt hippy, I melted like snow in the sun: “Like a hippy beach?”
“Yes, you can only get there with a long walk or a boat. There is only a small chiringuue. He is there, he sleeps under the stars, and he knows a lot of people. ”
I decided I wanted to go.

Spain landscape
The natural park of Cabo de Gata is a natural park that is located in the province of Almeria in Spain. Its full name would be Cabo de Gata Natural Park – Nijar, a protected area designated as a biosphere reserve by Unesco.
This is a really well known area, but I do not know what strange reason, still very snubbed and little known in Italy. Of those pearls that should not be disclosed in reality, but since I do not think my post arrives to change the situation, I can say serenely.
In Cabo de Gata there are some of the most beautiful and unexploited beaches of all of Andalucia, or rather all of Spain.
It almost seems to end up in a Western movie at some point, or maybe it seems to me that Western movies I think I have never seen one in full. But did you understand no?
Blue sea. Clean. Deep.
Beaches of different genres. There is sand and there is also rock or stones. Never chaos.
Small fishing villages that still keep their soul intact.
And nature dominates. Outside the villages. Wild? Maybe not, but definitely wild yes.
In summary: if you are looking for a place to enjoy the authentic beaches and beaches in Spain, Cabo de Gata is (in my opinion) the answer.
What to know before leaving for the Cabo De Gata Park
– We recommend a car of its own! Getting around with the media is really complicated and in many cases I have to go back to Almeria so that I can go to the next village or hitchhiking.
– You can not go camping in the park as it is a whole protected area.
– It is 60 km from Retamar to Agua Amarga, walking on foot. But beware of the bright sun.
Itinerary and stages Cabo de Gata Park
(Map taken by Lonely Planet I hope you do not mind)
1. San Miguel de Cabo de Gata (El Cabo de Gata)
This is one of the most “grandicelli” and most tourist resorts. Definitely as less valuable resort than others in the Park, but useful to base and enjoy the beaches around.
Beaches of San Miguel Cabo de Gata: a whole expanse of sand. Free beach. Few people though present, in my memories at least (and I was in August).
To sleep in San Miguel there are many options. I had chosen the campsite Cabo de Gata with beach in front, but 2 km from the village. The night coming back from the village I remember the sea on one side, on the other the total darkness and within me the awareness that if only a cat was crashed I fell to the ground with fear. But for the rest everything is fine!
2. Faro de Cabo de Gata
At 4km from San Miguel de Cabo de Gata, I was here hitchhiking (at times I did not walk much, I admit it). Simply magical place, with gorgeous views. Go to the tower over a cliff to enjoy the whole.
3. San José
I hope you will not tell me otherwise if you go now, because I have some suggestive memories. A fishing village, lively climate, expansive times (still remember the time they took to serve a dinner). Some perhaps touristic restaurants, but just avoid them. Close to the beach, with some rocks, and an immense sea in front of you. I’d rather eat then right on the beach.
I stayed there camping here too.
Beaches of San José
Playa de Los Genoveses (4.5 km from San José): sand at sight. It is about a kilometer long.
Playa de Monsul (6.5 km from San José): large boulders of volcanic rock, this is definitely a particular charm.
Other stages of the Cabo de Gata Park (which I did not manage to do):
Las Negras: 17 km from San José, you need to go from the hinterland and have your own car! Getting there by public transport at the time was not possible.
Agua Amarga: Even more outspoken they say, with dirt roads and beaches only reachable on foot …
And the famous hippy beach? San Pedro Beach.
I have never seen him. I have pulled down all the epithets in my possession at the time, regretting me too, But to this day I still dream. Liberty and hippie. Rebel and International. It’s Translucent and sparkling. Let’s go, after that idealization, would be a big disappointment by now. But if you’ve been there, do you know how it is? NB: Pixa bay’s photos were taken since my … are all paperwork! And here I hang, assailed by various troubles about the time it passes …

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