Burma tips: how to prepare for Myanmar trip

There are few beautiful things like preparing a trip … They say! But in the concrete case, as far as I am concerned, it is often more desirable to leave than to carefully study the details needed to deal with how to travel in far-off countries. I admit.
Myanmar, however, is among those countries that require attention and care in the preparation since it is not a tourist destination (fortunately) and not even organized. There are places where foreign tourists can not go and always remember that it is a country that is slowly opening up to tourism but the structures are still lower than the demand …
Ergo: It’s a trip that needs to be prepared.
Here are some tips that also include the mistakes I’ve made! (The famous experience that teaches)
The best time to go to Myanmar includes the months of December and January, with the little detail that is high season for them and tourism in recent months is copious, the facilities are few and the prices get up! It needs to book in advance to save and to waste less time for the trip.
Having to leave during the Christmas holidays, my friend who had booked in October spent € 800, did a single flight and was in 18 hours in Yangon.
I booked in December … I spent € 1280, I did two flights and I was traveling for 40 hours (should I tell you how many I’ve been told?)
So, I tell you, I’ve always been very fought on this topic for saving … But then I found myself booking and paying flights to go to Israel. And I had booked them right in October! (Brava vero?). She was very happy, as long as the conditions in Jerusalem made me desist, and I had to throw away the entire amount of the flights I bought. ALL! (But do it just once in a while?)
At this point I did not go to risk again and I decided to make a trip cancellation insurance because if I happened to come back a bit unexpectedly, I was running around, I became nervous (and I recognize that serenity, In some cases it has no price)
As I said, I decided to go to Burma in December. Early December. I only had 24 days for the visa. The flight was already booked. Good!
Now listen to this. The Embassy of Myanmar is in Rome and for visa purposes (in theory):
– send a physical passport and then use courier
– fill in form
– put photos
– attach money (€ 25 per person) but with a circular check
– Cash is well at your own risk and danger because if they open envelopes and do not arrive at the embassy, do yours!
– Send the courier back to your passports after 5/6 working days
– hope everything goes well and you get there.
In my case: the first courier made a 4 day delay. NEVER HAPPENED!
Courier exchange because they tell me that SDA is not among the best and then after I stressed the embassy every day because I was timed, I trust DHL paying € 28 to retrieve documents over 24 hours.
DHL can only deliver it after 48 hours, and I paid € 28 without any reason in the world. To this, add a constant anxiety for about 15 days, since at a distance of one week after departure, WITHOUT PASSPORT I WAS STILL AT HOME (understand why then one chooses to make sure yes?).
Eventually luckily I got the passports and it’s okay … And then I go.
I’m chatting with my friend in Yangon, a city we’ve casually encountered.
I: “But how did you do for the visas? I’m dead. ”
LEI, innocently: “I did them online”.
You can not imagine my face.
Ergo: The visas made online though I still do not understand why the embassy did not like to tell me that this option was possible but in fact yes! It’s possible. At least you, let me know!
Personally, I think it is essential for a ride like this. And of course I bought the Lonely Planet, which is no longer the guide of the time, I found it well done for this destination and then to deepen the historical and cultural discourse the Polaris guide that I do not understand how it was ZEPPA to refuse (But putting accents or commas has become an option?), But at some points it was really very interesting. There are some well-made novel tales in the story (rejected aside).
Here I wrote how I prepared it (very simple things, but having written them is always comfortable)
Finally, as always, it may be useful to reserve the hotel for your first night and surely if you come to Yangon there is no problem finding some facilities directly from the internet from Italy. Also keep in mind that if you want to leave with a night bus from Yangon for tourist destinations such as Bagan or Mandalay or Inle Lake, being high season, always recommend booking at least one day in advance. After that … you are in Myanmar . For me, one of the most interesting and authentic countries of the whole Asia. Happy trip!

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