Chitwan Park: 10 discoveries of a small town in the jungle of Nepal

Foreword: I’m not a big lover’s lover. Even though I realized that in the face of a koala I was making cries similar to those of One Direction fans, I recognize my kind of indifference about animal sightings, although there are always distinctions, and above all, potential changes in ideas … But usually, I do not even shoot the camera!
Chitwan Park, Nepal
For anyone who goes to Nepal for the first time, this is a compulsory or at least very popular stage.
We are in the district of Chitwan, southeast of the country, and this park is not only the oldest in Nepal but is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. At 200 km from Kathmandu capital you can reach by bus or car about 3 hours by road.
It ran the year 2011 and I after taking a pirogue along a river and a 4X4 jeep arriving at this resort (excuse me) I do not remember the name in the middle of nowhere.
Indeed, rectifying: IN THE MEAN OF JUNGLE, which I know now, is not exactly the same thing ?! Usually the park is visited in two ways: on elephants and on foot …
And here I would like to start telling you about my discoveries, from a true town.
1. All rhinos are exceptionally beautiful!
There are different things, yes. You see them walking freely in the jungle. They are great and many are full of wounds … But as you look them in the face, despite having a unicorn, you realize that BELLI NO, there may be so many things but we do not say that they are BEAUTIFUL!
2. If you want to be comfortable, better to walk
Staying two or three hours on an elephant’s wooden saddle is not exactly comfortable. The elephants as they move you right and left … for 20 minutes it’s nice, maybe, but after 3 hours I had supposed to dive down!
3. Movies are one thing, the reality of the jungle, another
Getting back in the middle of the jungle, let’s just say, does not happen every day, and being able to make it clear to the brain that everything can happen is a speech that “good citizen” still fails to do mine.
An example? A rhinoceros begins to wickedly target the little elephant that was with us, the elephant mother (on which the IO ERO) is rightly clinging to, and despite the cartoon elephants being the most docile and sweetest in the world, in reality they are animals Giants with immense power. And so? The elephant mother begins to emit sounds never heard before, the rhinoceros stops looking at the little one and points with the elephant’s mother so unicorn, the elephant driving maahute begins to beat him on the head to impart orders and avoid a clash …
And I will remain calm to look at it all! The discovery was to realize, AFTER, that if the clash had happened, I could not change the channel!
4. To climb on the elephants, there are flocks of turrets with stairs
Absolutely yes, are they immense, how did I think about coming up?
Because when the little elephant high at least two of me started to meet me pushing me with the kick, it was not to play … She wanted the banana!
As my boss well understood, 1.90 and banged without any difficulty at 2 meters away from the thrust of the “little elephant” trunk. Because? We still did not understand it. The banana was me, not him!
7. If the bungalows are on stilts, it’s not a question of design
And when they tell you to check well before going to the bathroom to be sure there are no “snakes”
Of so many things I do not know from a small town, but it was very clear that in Nepal if we talk about “snakes” there are no limits of size, poison and danger …
8. Fire is a great friend
At dinner time at 8pm everything goes off, people start running out, they are asked to bring patience that will soon be eaten but … “Maybe I was spotted by two tigers and needed to be safe” … I was no longer detached from fire. I fed him!
9. Safari on foot have the pros and cons
Pros are that walking in the jungle is a very unique feeling, the opposite? No, apparently, most of the animals that can be found in Chitwan are more deadly than the other, I still have to understand if the guide searches for the animals, or (as I guess) goes where it is certain there are.
10. The Bengal tiger never met her …
And I would say MALE! Since the Lonely Planet added without joking about it any more … “And if you meet her, keep in mind that you will almost never have a run, you run a lot faster than you do.”
And when you’re in the jungle, you finally understand the phrase: “The world is a jungle,” only you’re not in the bar to say it!

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