Berlin’s Capital of the Future? Some things that have convinced me little

I had never seen Berlin, and perhaps because of my late visit I have really collected billions of opinions that as always go into building an image in your mind. Sometimes correct for charity, but almost always misleading since every perception, thanks God, remains subjective.

Berlin I liked it, be it clear.
Berlin is different from other European capitals and hides a unique charm and a history to never forget. And as far as I know it’s time and life on the spot to really know her, the assertion that does not convince me is one: Berlin’s capital of the future.
I read it. I heard him say billions of times. And many people confirm it. I wonder, but are we certain? I try to explain my reflections so that I can compare … but how much I perceived, heard, read, learned and learned in my stay in Berlin left me many question marks. Guy:
1. Berlin invests heavily in hi-tech, biotechnology and eco-friendly transport. But while Berlin lives, all this is not perceived or at least as much as in Rotterdam, Stockholm or Copenhagen to name some cities where the future hi-tech is tangible.
2. The tourism sector is growing strongly in Berlin, but in the southern capitals, those who are so detached from the capital of the future, those that are not considered “ahead” like Rome or Madrid or Lisbon, tourists are smiling. Tourism also needs hospitality, kindness and cordiality. Even just education at times would be enough. And although I can not generalize, so many eyes thrown to the sky, disgusted looks or headshots for the presence of a group of tourists, in the “Southern” capitals, I have never seen them! But not even those in the north to honor. Usually, when tour groups arrive, restaurateurs rejoice. Usually eh.
3. The unemployment rate of the city of Berlin is 4.5% higher than the rest of the country. Although there is an ascent, the figure is still negative compared to the rest of Germany.
4. The roads are dirty. Who would have told him eh? In the capital of Germany? Yet I noticed more cleanliness in Armenia than in Berlin or Milan. Only in Milan, we expect it … In Berlin, no.
5. The means of transport are efficient, fast and functional. But do the ticket-making machines are as technological as the Italian ones and hear hearing, blocking and rubbing money as much as ours? In Georgia, they reload the tiles directly from these machines.
6. The city has this underground side, this unconventional soul, this part always described as a vanguard of culture. And I agree. Only that often this “unconventional” side also has a medal lap. There is a state of degradation and civil uneasiness in some areas. In Berlin there is the largest number of social security beneficiaries and considering that the city manages to keep the balance in balance even though it has started out of 60 billion debt, it makes a great deal to it. But if you compare it with other capital, then the situation in Berlin is less rosy.
7. Energy savings and efficiency. The investments are there, the results will come, of course, but in the present, they are not yet tangible. Not more than in other cities.
8. Multiculturalism. This is the theme that is most strange to me.
The news reports about thousands of refugees welcomed and despite the reasons that led Merkel to change the route could be the source of endless discussions, I would like to talk about the results on the city. I have seen very few and repeat very few refugees. To be exact 4 (I noticed them because they were the only ones who always smiled at all) and very few “non-EU” people, and I was afraid because in Milan (or Italy) it is now common to see them. Then I informed …
Multiculturalism is there. And it is one of Berlin’s economic resources. But if we talk about integration, the talk is different and there is still a lot to be done. The majority of the population is absolutely German (95 out of 100) and there is a good presence of Turks as you know (3 out of 100). The numbers are quite bassy if you remember the axiom from which you start.
Of fine things in Berlin, be it clear, there are many and I’ll talk to you … But here I told you about my reflections that start from the concept: Berlin is the capital of the future? Or will Berlin be a big capital in the future?
Many of the beautiful sides of Berlin, but to define it as a vanguard emblem, for now, to me, do not seem to be a correct definition.

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