Why (and for whom) Jordan

For those who saw the film “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” losing in those images, believing that they were just stunningly flawed scenery and for more than 10 minutes no longer thought why Indiana Jones never lost his hat!
For those who love the desert.
For those who love art history.
For those who are aiming to see the current “Seven Wonders of the World”, Petra (in case he missed it) is one of the seven electives.
For those who love variety.
For those who are interested in the history of religions.
For those who want something that combines natural scenic aspects with other facts of history, art and contemporaneity.
To nobody!
Tourism is very present but we are not talking about destructive tourism that annuls the soul of a country.
Jordan is equipped with facilities and every kind of comfort. Obviously, the area where you will feel the most about tourism is by the very nature of Petra. It is not possible otherwise.
But for the rest of Jordan the presence of tourists is there, without being overwhelming (of course it always depends on the times chosen).
There are infrastructures, structures of all kinds, and there is also a lack of means of transport. Jordan is a Muslim country, but moderate Muslim.
Even women can travel alone on the sun (the alert threshold is always kept high, this comes by itself).
Jordan’s women’s clothing varies from miniskirts and t-shirts to burka and veil. (It is always advisable to keep an apparel, however, not too obscure).
Amman capital offers everything.
The country is a constitutional monarchy that has seen a sharp rise first with King Husayn (you will find his photos everywhere, beloved king) and now with the son of King Husayn or Abd Allah and the climate that breathes is of well-being, even in the field consumerism.
Also the wife and queen is the beautiful Rania of Jordan who, as soon as she became queen, began to fight for the situation in Jordan with great results.
Best Spring and Autumn Periods. In summer it is too hot and of course in winter it is mostly cold in Amman capital. However, it remains a destination that can be traversed all year long, aware of continental climate climatic diversity.
The visa is easily arrived in Jordan directly at the airport.
No compulsory. Prophylaxis for hepatitis A, hepatitis B and antithesis is needed and recommended.
(NB: For vaccinations, however, you should always consult your local ASL before each departure to hear the advice of the doctors directly. The health situation in the countries changes year by year, sometimes from month to month).
Drug availability: adequate.
(It is always advisable to bring your own well-stocked pharmacy).
“It’s a Muslim country, we can not find alcohol.” Depending on the area, it is still better to choose the beer and forget the “cocktails” for a few days.
“Petra is worth the trip.” True!
“Mah. I do not know if to go there, I do not know if it draws me, I do not know if I feel it … You know, it’s a Muslim country. ” And so?
NB. The situation in the Middle East is very tense in recent years. Even so (but not just for this) it is important to keep up to date on the real security situation in the countries where you are going.
See “Safe Travel”.

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