Sapa: Impressions and tips on one of Vietnam’s unmissable stops

Foreword: You know when you talk to a friend or friend who asks you … “But what impressions did you have?” And you decide to say your hot feelings, because all in all, with the hint of then is always too much Easy … Here! This is the key to reading my impressions on Sapa. Or rather, on the town of Sapa, keep it in mind.

Sapa was founded in 1922 by the French as a holiday resort and today is certainly one of the country’s most popular destinations and one of the most popular tourist destinations.
This town is surrounded by mountains, but above all it overlooks a deep valley with the classic (if we speak of Vietnam) terraces digrading cultivated with rice …
Very photographed place, of course, very busy.
The first impression as soon as you arrive at Sapa is what you try to reach in a place that has been totally invaded by tourism.
And this is definitely a bad note, but I fear inevitable.
There are travel buses all over the world, on the one hand, and almost all independent travelers do not miss a stop in this area, using Sapa as a base for hiking or trekking. Or as a base for going to nearby or far-off villages to see the different local ethnic communities living in these areas.
So the level of life is quite high: 4 star hotels in abundance, restaurants as if they rained and numerous agencies that organize excursions. There are also several massage centers, but be sure to inform you before choosing because I have seen friends with your back swollen …
(“But no, it’s a massage method, he used amps and then put pressure …” and the result is immense and giant purple sucking on his back. Better keep it present if you are with a partner who is sexy from See, I tell you, it is not).
… Hot Feelings: I understand that a place when it becomes a mass tourism destination undergoes great changes, I also accept that just as I like to visit a place, it’s normal that hundreds of thousands of people from all over The world has the same need, but I do not understand and dislike when a place is losing its identity. And Sapa, for me, is now a “no place” where you will hardly be able to perceive the soul. Always for me, of course.
Sapa is an ideal destination for many activities.
1. Trekking or hiking
Almost everyone is in Sapa so that they can then turn around. There are those who choose to make the highest summit in Vietnam (the Fansipan 3143mt, one of my friends did it in August: it has seen fog for 2 days full … Happy that you did not share that experience with him in this case) , Or you usually do simple hiking a couple of days sleeping in some village.
There are many agencies that organize trekking. You just have to choose one based on your program and your budget (I do not recommend it because I do not consider it to be as good as it is to be recommended, but not bad enough to be reported.) Anonymous I want to keep it.
2. Shopping of technical brands
I never do shopping for a trip to the point where I go home without any souvenirs … but when I get the chance to buy mountain technical stuff, I’m obliged.
In Sapa you will find many stores selling the North Face in theory. Apparently they are all fake and non-original products, and in fact my $ 10 worthless windshield does not seem to me of excellent quality but it has a beautiful fluorescent orange color!
3. Relax
In one of the many massage centers
The weather at Sapa is great. Located at 1650 meters here you will find a bit cool, and when you go to Vietnam in the warm months it will be really enjoyable to breathe without the usual moisture. (A sweatshirt in the evening is recommended, sometimes I even held it during the day, and if it rains, wind or k-way).
5. Cheap Luxury
Hotel Sunny Mountain (010 Muong Hoa St. Sapa Town) is the 4 star hotel I’ve stayed in and I have to admit it is of a high standard with really large and clean rooms and equipped with a great furnishings and above all … One Of the richer buffet breakfasts I’ve ever had.
6. Food for all tastes
I personally found it delicious to eat in the local restaurants on the classic stools in the square, at modest prices (€ 2.50 per head) but there are really many restaurants.
I also had Sapa Corner Restaurant, in the main street of Sapa (not tempted, there are not many) and I had eaten well for € 5 per head.
7. Easy hiking
And if you do not want to go hiking, Sapa can be suitable for light but low impact excursions. Tram Tone: 15km from Sapa (you can get there by renting a scooter only if you are able to drive it and if it does not rain, If not better rent a taxi) is a mountain pass at 1900 meters where you can admire beautiful landscapes … If it was not often that there is the fog because of the cold air with the hot air and in my case I There is only a beautiful fog of mist (better than that of the Padana plain though!). Thac Bac: Silver waterfall, you have to pay a few Dong’s entrance, and you can get to the top of the waterfall through comfortable steps. If you visit northern Vietnam during the rainy season you will find plenty of water and the waterfall is pleasant to visit. (Comment? Carina). Cat Cat breeding: you descend and walk along a long paved road of 3 km to reach it. You pay for the entrance … and you’re afraid to pay for the entrance, and you enter a village that no longer has anything in the village, but it looks like an open anthropological museum. It is possible to enter the houses to visit how they are created and see the different processes like that of the fabrics and then go down to a waterfall. Knowledge not arrived, only tourists and several. The pretty part? Rather than climbing up the bus or along the paved road, if you can climb along a shortcut, do it … at least a little bit of bitter at a very touristic visit will put you risking to slip on the mud! (I know I know, it turns out I did not love this visit!).
8. Night love market on Saturday night
I personally did not see it in Sapa, but they say it’s full … of tourists.
9. Nightlife
There are many pubs and pubs to drink with serenity or fun, play billiard or enjoy a tea! Sapa was and remains a destination to spend the holidays. If you understand this key, then yes, that Sapa is a good stop … But there’s a world around to find out. This yes!

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