Israel-Palestine route: 10 day trip by public transport

The Israel-Palestine route runs through thousands of years of history and reserves unique glories in the world … But, as you well know, the current situation between Israel and Palestine is always very tense and needs to be noticed before preparing the path. It is compulsory to always inquire about Safe Travel and see the latest news what they allow and what they do not advise.
Israel-Palestine route: a few things to know
– Palestine for Israel is not a state. But it represents their “region”.
– Palestine has been recognized by international agreements, but in the concrete case you will realize that the lands are occupied by Israel and the situation is really complex.
– In order to gain access to Palestine, it is necessary to go to Israel and prepare for any controls at the airport that in some cases may be definitely invasive (but in my case I did not even have a question so I do not have to tell you anything about direct experience).
– Traveling independently is quite simple. Israel offers all sorts of possible and imaginable service. Very well organized.
– Palestine has fewer deals, but cheaper. There is no lack of hotel activities, restaurants, guides and taxi drivers willing to take you anywhere in the Palestinian land, only here you can bargain more (especially with taxis).
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Travel between Israel and Palestine by public transport
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Israel-Palestine 10day route
1 day/ Venice – Istanbul (airport) – Tel Aviv
Departing early in the morning with Turkish Airlines in Istanbul. Arrival in Tel Aviv for 19.00 local time. At Istanbul Ataturk airport I could not find a nice area of the airport to wait, then I realized that it needed to go to the top floor restaurants, all new and with a thousand good things to eat (at the usual prices Salted though). Hostel taken to Jaffa (attacked in Tel Aviv) because it is cheaper.
2nd day/ Tel Aviv
A whole day dedicated to visiting the city. For some Tel Aviv he does not say anything, but I have definitely loved him.
Here you find all the information: what to see, what to know and where to sleep in Tel Aviv
3rd day/ Tel Aviv – Jerusalem
Very convenient bus ride in a couple of hours.
I still have to write about this unique city in the world, but I can already say that I slept at Abraham Hostel, a great choice for many aspects: central location and great organization of activities and tours in the first place.
First I went to the ancient city and I did a 4 hour tour with audio-guide. You can find them right by entering the Jaffa Gate, on your left there is the shop. They cost a bit (€ 40 per visit, but if you are 2 or 3 you will have each one your own device for the same digit.) And I can tell you: it’s worth it! You want to press the key). Full tour of the ancient city, without respite, for 4 hours of yarn.
4th day/ Jerusalem
This city takes more days to see it, count it at least 3/4 if you want to taste it … And Jerusalem is to be tasted without having the same in the world (the paragone only in Rome for its uniqueness and millenary history).
Day 5/ Jerusalem – Masada – Judean Desert – Dead Sea – Jerusalem
Taking a tour of Abraham Hostel started in the middle of the night with a private mini van and I was able to visit Masada with a short hike to reach the archaeological ruins (Unesco heritage) and then the bath in the Dead Sea. Wonderful, if it was not for me to catch the flood and, I tell you, I did not have any desire to bathe in the Dead Sea … But everyone around me did it. The only one who did not have the courage to take off the IMBOTTED JACKET, was me. Insult me too!
6th day/ Jerusalem – Bethlehem (Palestine) – Jerusalem
Easy to reach and perfect when there is a shabbat (as almost ALL closes in Jerusalem and especially public transport does not go). Being Palestine, Palestinian buses normally work. Visit of the Basilica of the Nativity with a very good on-site guide and then tour of the city and the fabulous masterpieces of Bansky with a taxi driver always found in Bethlehem. Return to Palestinian bus in Jerusalem.
NB: You could also sleep serenely in Bethlehem, there are hotels and restaurants and cost even less, but I discovered it late. Keep it present.
7th day/ Jerusalem – Hebron (Palestine) – Jerusalem
Choosing as a step of the Israel-Palestine route the Hebron city is a choice you must evaluate. Here the situation of the conflict is breathing and live in a direct way, so I can not recommend it, I can only tell you how much I have lived. In addition to the video post on Hebron, I add another 2 posts: Visit Hebron: what needs to know, and well. For there is a shootout: I tell you my Hebron
8th day/ Gerusalem – Jericho (Palestine) – Jerusalem Decisely a much quieter dimension than Hebron! Jericho is considered the oldest city in the world continuously inhabited, which underlines its history which apparently began 10M years ago. Here are symbols of the Christian religion (Mount of Temptation), millennial archeological finds and unique naturalistic landscapes around. Just get there by bus and look for a taxi driver to negotiate your visit. Always correct the amounts before (We were in 3 and paid about € 25 per head for 4 hours, but actually the amount was high compared to the cost of local life) .
9th day/ Jerusalem – Tel Aviv
In my case the flight of Return was from Tel Aviv, so I took advantage of it to enjoy and see Jerusalem again. Day dedicated to the city and then bus to Tel Aviv on the evening
10th day/ Tel Aviv – Istanbul (airport) – Venice
In exit I was a small third grade by the Israeli police on luggage … Third degree that would continue if it was not, my luggage would not be embarked! At that point, the interrogation is immediately terminated. Anyway, answer all questions with serenity, here it works.

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