Halong Bay: what’s the counter of one of the 7 natural wonders? (#Vietnam)

I do not know you, but as far as I try not to do it, before I leave, I’ll always stay on a couple of goals I’ll go to visit. A couple of places become for me the real moment of the trip to the point that I call them “journey moment” aware that if they were to jump for some reason, I would be very miserable.
Attractive attitude I would not recommend, but for now I have not been able to get rid of it yet.
Before my departure for Vietnam, without much originality, I was set on Halong Bay!
Starting from the assumption that I have a strong passion for natural landscapes and scenery, this bay is one of the 7 natural wonders of the present world (apparently the second in world voting) as well as UNESCO heritage since 1994.
Not only.
I challenge you not to go crazy as soon as you put the name of the bay on Google and start looking at the pictures that appear to you …
We talk about 3000 limestone islands (Lonely writes 2000 sunshine, I would say that there are many!) With numerous caves and a myriad of legends that even reminds him in part, serves a mind prepared … Needless to say, aware of my limits , I just memorized the origin of the name: Halong means “where the dragon descends into the sea” and the legend tells that a dragon from the mountains drifted into the sea digging with the tail of the valleys and crevices.
Located in the Tonchino Gulf in northeastern Vietnam, the bay is about 165 km from Hanoi capital and it takes 3 hours to travel by bus or car.
Undoubtedly it is, and in my opinion, it is one of the most unmissable for those visiting Vietnam, but it is necessary to be aware that (alas) this thought is all but original.
Halong Bay has become one of the country’s most visited destinations.
Assaulted by thousands and thousands of tourists who do not have to spend at least two days and a night in this paradisiacal place for this, I tell you, go safe (!), But aware that there are going to be some counterparts on this visit.
What can be useful to know before visiting Halong Bay?
1. It is a tourist place, a lot of tourist
Getting to the Halong City artificial arena (access to the bay with thousands of restaurants and hotels all strictly new and without real identity) can be annoying, especially if you come up here after having been in close contact with real Vietnam. But as long as the discomfort is palpable, touch it, and from Halong City you have to pass by if you want to embark for a visit to Halong Bay.
(Positive side: Free wifi, and we do not pretend every time I only interest me eh!).
2. Cruise Ships
As you move away from the harbor on one of these “junk” boats, which are strictly new and just as touristic, you will notice yours, even though you’re in the “green” waters of this bay. And you, like everyone else, are on the same boat. Finding a visual space that does not have other boats is however possible. Commit.
3. Crowded stops and caving grottoes
If you are on the boat and you can enjoy really breathtaking scenery, be prepared for the “stages” provided by these massive tours. One of the most listed is a very large cave that has CEMENTED ceiling to avoid erosion (well behaved!) And that contains so many people that even just finding oxygen can be a great satisfaction. Personally, to know, I was on the ship! But in the descent to return to the boat, the sight of some giant and even streaked spiders gave added value to a visit that in itself had not had much. (Actually, the cave is beautiful, if it were not for the cemented ceilings and the city crowding you find in us).
4. Titop Island: nice view, horrible beach!
Here, there are not really beautiful beaches, but if ever sandcastles invaded us, ubiquitous, human beings. The bath on the beach of the Titop island can be an infinite disappointment, but make the 470 steps leading to the summit of the islet to enjoy the scenery a beautiful experience.
Both in terms of breath (you wanted to smoke a pack of cigarettes? Tiè) both in terms of landscape. I admit that there are plenty of people there too, but I am preparing you so you will not be sick!
5. Night view with attached boats and scenic lights
For some it was a disappointment, but in this case I have to admit I found the many boats anchored around me at night suggestive.
In the evening Halong Bay buys different colors and as far as you realize that you are not “in the middle of nowhere,” all the lights of the boats near you become pure scenery. For a little romantic, for me, great effect.
6. Take kayaks and go for yourself.
They recommend all the guides, the only solution to living in a somewhat more private and suggestive way to Halong Bay is to take the kayak and enter the caves and coves you will find around you , Thus succeeding in “sowing” other tourists who will do the same but in smaller quantities. I did not manage to do so, so I strongly recommend it. And the basic reason why I could not do it is point 7 …
7. Sun?
I want the names of those who have seen it with the sun! Me and other travel companions we were convinced that when the sun goes out in Halong Bay call all photographers of the travel world and take pictures of them. Will it be two or three times a year? Well, I do not know. In the concrete it is a rare thing to see this sunny place. As you put your soul in peace, it often happens to be seen with the gray sky, plumbeous, sometimes with mist and as often as rain!
But it is and remains an emotional experience, despite the tourism, despite the crowding, and despite the bad consumer abuse that the government is implementing in this place, Halong Bay has no comparisons!
For your information, the nearby Halong bay is equally evocative and not yet assaulted. To visit it is to stop at Cat Ba, which also offers sandy coves to what I have read, but in the concrete I lost sight only in Halong Bay to bring home the memory of a unique landscape.

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