Bled Lake: 10 things to know about the fairytale lake in Slovenia

Foreword: The first time I saw Bled Lake on the cover of my guide, I did not know what it was, I had no idea where it was and where it was located, but I called my friend saying, “I want Absolutely go to that place, all else you want to pick it up, but please take me here. ” Cinderella syndrome will never overcome it …

Have you ever heard of Lake Bled? We are in Slovenia, for the exact northwestern area of Slovenia and Lake Bled is actually the fairytale lake you saw illustrated on children’s books. Equal! Equal!.
A well-known place in Slovenia, Bled Lake is assaulted by couples looking for a romantic place (organizing entire wedding hikes here), families, and even those looking for hiking, canoeing or just a unique place to go Lose sight! I was among these.
In summary: we are talking about one of the most popular holiday destinations in the country. So here’s what I think is useful to know about this suggestive lake.
1. Only two hours drive from Trieste
The car is definitely the most convenient way to reach the destination: first take the A1 to reach Ljubljana (only one hour drive from Trieste) and then climb following A2 to reach Lake Bled which is well marked.
2. Remember to buy the vignette for the Slovenian motorways
In Slovenia, the motorway toll is paid with a vignette that is already bought at the border and foresees a payment of € 15 for a week or there is a one-month option.
Once you have purchased this vinyl you have to attach it to the front glass.
3. You are in Europe and Slovenia is a country where nothing is missing, indeed
Unnecessary precision? I tell you, I do not think so. In the end, what has been discounted for some, for others it is not, and since I have felt asking a number of curious questions about Slovenia itself, I would like to say that the highways are functional, with good signals and the country has all the comforts and all the riches that characterize Europe.
4. Tourism at Lake Bled sprouts: some eco monster is there!
Perfection does not exist. As soon as you arrive at the village you are a little strange from the excess of building that so much to change has characterized the country around the lake. Along the shore there are a couple of gigantic hotels (and somewhat questionable) and the classic whitewash of totally artificial shops. Numerous bars and restaurants that make little sense of the term “typical”. If you like Rimini, no problem (we are light years from that building) but if you like the places that can keep authenticity, I would say that Bled has lost it.
5. Choose the right time if you do not want to find too many tourists
As you’ve just said, in this case, the time when you choose to go is absolutely essential. Definitely as always going midweek is highly recommended and choosing a winter or fall day compared to a hot summer will make a difference, but this place is lovely even with tourists (if you talk about crowds of tourists I do not know in fact).
6. Prices are not low
Being a tourist site the prices are not as low as perhaps imaginable.
I had slept in a guest house (Villa Gorenka – nice, with close parking, 5 minutes from the lake – paying a double € 44 with bath in the room) and then finding no way to a restaurant that did not have the tourist aspect and Pretentious, I went to eat the pizza (eh I know, I do not do it anywhere abroad, but if the alternative is to be dressed to eat pseudo things typical, then … so much …) for a total of € 12 per head, So how about us (outside Milan!).
Just keep in mind that I was in a low season.
7. The ride around the lake is 6 km
Of course, to enjoy this place, it is compulsory to walk around. You do not have to go all the way, but know that there is a walk around it all (except some small stretch that corresponds to the road) and lasts 6 km. I personally chose to live it on foot or running, but if you are not a racing lover, the journey time for a full walk is about 1 hr and 30 o’clock and finding the route is easy seeing as it runs along the lake.
8. From June to August you can bathe in the lake
As far as I went in April and taking into account the cold it was doing, the bath was the last of my thoughts, this lake is bathing and the heavenly waters have a beautiful 26 degree temperature in the period from June to September thanks to Thermal springs flowing there. You can also rent a boat (I told you that it’s the destination for honeymoons!), Swimming or diving.
9. The Castle and the Isle can be visited
The Castle perched on top is reachable by car and includes an entrance of about € 8. While the isle that you see from all over the lake shows a church of great scenic impact and can be reached with a rowing boat The Castle of Bled
10. You can hike
There are whole walks that the guides describe as pleasant, not too demanding and well-reported. They say that one of the nicest itineraries is the No. 6 that reaches to the top of 756 meters (so nothing too much) and from there you can see a fantastic panorama. They say it’s perfect the sunset time to go. They say the ascent is rather steep, but in 3 hours you go and come back, they say … Because I had gone to Lake Bled with the primary intention of hiking and climbing and going to enjoy that fabulous, unique, striking scenery from the I was not able to go there because in April it was not only cold but it rained abundantly. Yet, it is a really deserving place, in my opinion.
PS: Keep in mind that the prices reported date back to April 2013 And we talked about low season. In high season prices could rise and much.

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