Banksy in Bethlehem: street art in Palestine

A Banksy’s Art Work: The Dove
Let’s say one thing once and for all? It says BANKSY, not Bansky.
And it is clear that I will have written and said Bansky instead of Banksy for years, but before writing this post I looked at the site and verified how it was written by discovering that … We are so many to make it confusing eh! Mmm, maybe a little too many though …
I always argue that graffiti is one of the most beautiful forms of art I have ever seen. I love ancient art, but street art sends me out!
Did you know that? Did you know that the famous English writer Banksy was also in Palestine? I only found it when it came to Bethlehem.
Keep in mind one thing: I do not know why, but Lonely Planet does not talk about it. She does not hint at it. Yet for what I am concerned I should be bruised, but either I am definitely unattractive, or in the pages of Bethlehem there is no mention of Banksy’s masterpieces. If anyone knows how to explain the reason, I would be happy.
While I tell you how important it is to see Banksy in Bethlehem is absolutely one of the things to do. To live. Not to be missed.
Banksy was in the West Bank in 2005 and then in 2007 and in the provinces of Bethlehem, Ramallah and Abu Dis can find his works. The wall built by Israel and delimiting borders has become a giant canvas full of graffiti and murals of a great level. Capable of telling really complicated stories … Simply with an image. And what pictures!
So many jobs are present. Many beautiful ones. Sure, seeing Banksy, well, it’s emotion. Some of his work is disarming for the sarcasm and the strength with which the message comes. Anyway, I can only tell you about Bethlehem.
How to see Banksy in Bethlehem?
The ideal is to bargain with a taxi driver. There is tourism there and the taxi drivers are well prepared, but its presence is essential not only because it serves a means of reaching the places (if you do not have it), but also and above all because it serves someone who knows where the murals are . Some are so hidden that you will not even realize that even if you walk past us, you will not realize it.
How to agree on the way to see Banksy in Bethlehem?
First negotiate the price and be fine to outline the cost of the proposed round in detail.
The Palestinian taxi drivers, I found, are very kind, friendly and friendly … They offer new visits and add stages, only then they do not specify that they intend to have more money than they agreed. They make it look like an offer in friendship. In fact, sometimes they say it’s in friendship.
In my case, the taxi driver was incredibly kind, except for the fact that he then tried to ask me about TRIPLE. If the guide advised 50 NIS for one hour tour, we had agreed 150 NIS for 2 hours … He eventually asked me 400 NIS! Almost the triple.
On the one hand, I’ve been bad (first make her friend, then try to do the cunning) … On the other side I sculpted him (he put his hands in the hair, literally) … And though I was wrong in the end I left him 250 NIS and since the talk about it is very long, I do not go any further (but avoid the easy money “But for 25 euro’s, there is nothing wrong with traveling in respect of a country and its economy) .
Banksy’s works in Bethlehem
The works I saw had been communicated to me on site, not by a guide, but by the taxi driver. Some people populate the websites and so I have no doubt about the attribution, others have only seen them in the postcards of the “touristic” shops of Bethlehem … But I trust my “local source”: the Palestinian taxi driver.
1. The dove
Close to the wall of Bethlehem, this work can be reached on foot as it is close to the city of Bethlehem.
In my case, the car parked in front made the concept of how street art really is.
2. The angel
Exiting the city, a few minutes, you come here.
3. Maybe … The statue of freedom
Here I would not know and doubt a bit. The taxi driver has indicated it to me as Banksy’s work, I did not find confirmation, I’m not sure. And anyway, I do not like it.
4. The masterpiece: the Palestinian who throws the flowers
Note is known. There are no doubts here … Giant and capable of saying more than a thousand words. I was thrilled with so much incisiveness.
It’s definitely big, majestic and blubbery. Behind this gas station, unseen if you do not know where to go.
5. Another masterpiece: the soldier with the little girl
Equally well-known, the disappointment here standing … Being a public work, what did they do? They built a small shop around you. From there, therefore, you can not see this work … It is necessary to enter the shop built around, and through the plastic windows … you can observe it. The hope is that tourists buy photos and souvenirs from Banksy … I admit some disappointment about how they have changed the original place, but as the situation in Palestine so dramatic, I abstain from any possible negative judgment.
6. The Bethlehem Wall We are already out of Bethlehem for at least 20 minutes. Here are many street artist works and only the environment is worth it. So many significant and beautiful murals. Here is the street artist Blu, Italian writer and Ericailcane, always Italian. But here I am sure there is Banksy, but of course the taxi driver said yes. Actually I do not believe, but these works are intense (and beautiful). It’s hard to explain the feelings that you live in a desolate, abandoned environment with a gigantic wall dividing and a thousand rubble around it. Destruction here, breathes and is seen. Viewing Banksy in Bethlehem means seeing an art exhibition about the conflict. Open sky. Reading in his sarcasm some great truths about this war. Try to understand, without success … Stay an experience to live.

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