Traveling alone in Mongolia: how, when and why?

How to travel alone in Mongolia? What do you need to know to travel independently in these lands?

But above all, can you travel alone in Mongolia?
I still did not believe it, and yet you asked me. Some of you, well 2 different people. In Mongolia! You have a great taste in my opinion, I tell you eh.
What a spectacular goal. One thing is certain: you are good, very good at wanting to go to Mongolia, one of the most beautiful trips in my life.
And now that with my usual lack of order I made the casino, I start again …
Traveling alone in Mongolia is only partially possible.
Or just for those who are looking for an extreme adventure.
Renting a car yourself is possible in legal terms, but it’s almost impossible to turn it around. You should confront yourself with nothingness around it and it is definitely dangerous. You are in a vast country that still lacks the paved roads, there are few buses that connect only a few locations and the roads present being just tracked change, somewhat like river rivers. It’s because GPS is not enough.
There are some adventurers there, but I have never met.
Here, anyway, I will talk to those who do not have such an adventurous spirit, but are content with a healthy middle ground. For those who want to travel serenely in Mongolia without doing the business of their life … Forget an independent trip made of free time, public transport and personal rhythms.
How to travel alone in Mongolia: what do you need to know?
1. Airplane
You can take your flight serenely to Ulan Bator, the capital of Mongolia, located in Central Mongolia.
Keep in mind that Mongolia is immense, which makes you understand that you have to have clear ideas for your tour.
2. Autistic
Once you arrive at Ulan Bator to be able to turn Mongolia, I’m sorry to tell you, but for the sake of things you have to rely on someone. It needs to have skilled drivers who can carry you around Mongolia because you just simply have no alternatives.
There is no means, there are no signs, there are no paved roads.
Note that you will find the paved roads just near the cities.
Outside, all dirt free of signposts.
Drivers must be very good and familiar because they go to memory. I never saw them pull a map once.
3. Mechanics
It needs drivers to experience and know how to fix cars. I’ve seen machines break down at least once a week over 3 weeks. Usually we were in the middle of nowhere, so there if your driver does not have the ability to repair the vehicle … the gearbox does not arrive.
4. Experience
On my tour in Mongolia being in the group I had 3 drivers. Two had never made that tour and totally relied on the “chief driver” that I must say was not just good, more. But I know of tourists who are crazy with less experienced drivers as they are lost (and once you are there you will wonder how others do not get lost ?!).
5. Interpreter
In addition to the need for capable drivers, you also need an interpreter … Or you will have no way of communicating with anyone. Drivers included.
6.Organize travel on your own: practical contacts
So a first answer you already have: you can not travel alone in Mongolia.
He needs to rely on someone in the room and go with them to shoot these immense lands.
There are many local tour operators though, so do not be afraid it is, but I can only tell you the interpreter I traveled with.
She is called Anudari Byambatsogt and I had been very well. English is an excellent, young graduate and in-law student.
At that time (in 2013) was just an interpreter, but now I guess I figured he started organizing his own tour? I’m not sure, but what I know is that you can also ask her for drivers or for a full tour with an interpreter or guide in addition.
These references: Anudari Byambatsogt – or
7.Prices for travel to Mongolia?
I tried to ask Anudari, but the costs vary a lot depending on what you choose. In my case, I did not leave alone, but on a group trip organized by Italy for a total amount of 3,000 euros (or little more). An important figure, but definitely well spent.
8.When to travel to Mongolia
The best times are definitely July and August since in winter the temperatures also come to – 50, but Anudari himself told me that usually Ulan Bator maximum – 30.
“So what are you doing? Do you go out the same? ”
And she honestly answers me the same (despite the question …): “Well, anyway, we leave less, but of course yes. We cover it as it should. ”
I had never realized until now what genial questions I know how to do it. Because traveling alone in Mongolia, in reality, you can not. There are no paved roads. There is a project for the construction of a road network in Mongolia within the next 20 years, therefore, it is necessary to go there before. There are no facilities to go to Mongolia means sleeping in the only possible places where there are: gher fields. You will hardly find cement structures … is not it wonderful? You eat in Mongolian hosts. If there are no hotel facilities, there are no restaurants or more … But most of the meals were in the gher. They were usually cooked by the ladies of the place at the moment. To communicate requires an interpreter Nessun speaks English out of the capital and to communicate you need someone translate. To get to the places you have to take us There are no alternatives. Nothing appears visible or incontrovertible.
Mongolia is immensely wide-ranging, if you want to visit it, wanting or wanting, you need to trust someone … But if you just think for a moment that the experience will be “tourist” … Do not be afraid, nothing is far from true .Traveling alone in Mongolia, or anyway with organized local tours, means getting into the soul of this country.
9.To know before leaving for Mongolia: Very Spiritual Journey And not for a religious discourse, but because in the silence of those places, you will hear the voices (those of your mind!). Travel that requires a lot of spirit of adaptation. Gher baths are always in common camping style. Electric light is not taken for granted. You eat what you are, and more, there is no. Journey that requires strong isolation: wifi is not just found (so you imagined it true?), But even the phone line sometimes disappears for days. Uncomfortable Journey: For Mongolia Working for walks for hours can certainly cause discomfort, as you often jump so much that you can not even close an eye (so I’ve enjoyed all landscapes, compulsory) .
10.Journey with a few local contacts: Not encounter many Mongols, but the ones I met have been able to give me a lot. Population is very proud and of great interest. Mongolia is authentic and unique, with its pros and its “counter” … Always this is it. Leave your mail! Every 15th of the month I will write the most important blog updates and invite you to my next trips

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